Omg!!! Thanks ladies, I’m going to take a few with just my phone first to see if I can do them by myself - I never usually work out with anyone. I might be able to get my client to help me out though!!! And I’m gonna see if Mr. E will let take some vids of him as well mwahahaha!!!

I wish you were like my cool muscular aunt that would take me under her wing and show me the ways or intense lady lifting. Because what you're doing is working awesomely.


Omg this was the best message ever to get!!!! Just call me auntie beast 😉 I am absolutely willing to give you any advice I can, I loooove answering fitness questions. I really want to video some workouts, but I feel like that would come across as egotistical maybe?? I’m no DLB or anything but I can be pretty intense in the gym…maybe they might help somebody out?!?

farmfreshmuscle exactly…I don’t go around commenting on every unusual thing I see!!!
onefitmama I’m so not lol 😜 I guess my mom always told me if I didn’t want people to stare/comment that I should quit lifting. Which I also don’t agree with, but I get the point she was trying to make.
dzelzspirags I’ve never understood how muscular gets attributed to only one gender…how is it a masculine trait. If that is the case then I know some VERY feminine doods…


One of my 230 lbs x 2 today. I occasionally get stubborn when fiancé wants to help me through a sticking point, so I power through it on my own.

Bad.ass. I want to go bench right meow…

Oh man. I am usually super good with comments about my body from folks. I am aware that I look different, I don’t get upset when people make comments, I get it. If I wanted to look like everyone else I would, everything I do in regards to my lifting and eating is for a specific purpose so it’s cool-comment away. But there are some comments that grind my gears. They’re not necessarily offensive, they’re just ignorant. When a small man (125 lbs max) comes in and acts surprised that I have bigger arms than him, I am tempted to point out that I AM bigger than him, in all capacities. I outweigh you by 30 lbs bro. You say you have a bow flex at home and that’s cool but I hit real weights everyday. So yeah, I’m fn bigger than you. Or when he tells his daughter “see honey girls can work out and not get all veiny and manly or look like Serena Williams”. Believe that I almost jumped over the counter. I said “oh trust me, I get very vascular. And for the record, Serena Williams is pretty BA.” I appreciate that he wants his daughter to get into exercise, but we don’t need to bash anyone OR imply that muscles are manly - no matter how fucking big they are. Also, please don’t ask me to flex for your kids after this whole exchange. I only do that for people I like…

You are all marvelous, and waaay too kind to me!! I attribute these guns to some m’n’m’s that I bought off some little kid selling candy for school. Carbs and sugar blow everything up 😉☺️

Your last post offended me because you wrote "x-box" instead of "Xbox". #wecantBfriends


HAHAHA!!!!!! I will confess as much as this pains me I have never ever used an Xbox controller…I have used the PS3 to turn on Netflix. And I have used the wii to play dance party and beat the pants off my children with all the disco songs!!! So.fucken.old lol!

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