Barbell Denim: Functional denim has arrived.


Jeans to accommodate thunder thighs—this sounds promising.








"Lifting weights is just a big girl’s attempt at trying to excuse her weight."


also this triggered tf out of me and i have no idea…

Awww…someone has an itty bitty teeny weenie dick and has to make other people feel shitty in order to feel better about his pathetic excuse for “manhood”.  Feel sorry for him.  He’ll live a sad existence never knowing the awesomeness of a swole ass goddess…

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Ok, so last weekend was Mr. E’s second show in Men’s Physique.  We travelled to Burlington, VT for the VT Championships.  I have to say, it was my best experience in the Northeast NPC to date!  Vermont is beautiful, the people are very nice, and Burlington has an awesome college town vibe.  The show was very well-run - the only bad things were the politics (but those are present at any NPC show) and maybe the fact that there are no “kids” ticket prices.  But, the guy did give us a break and I only had to pay for one child (full price) for the evening show - so I only spent $80 on those tickets instead of $160!  How crazy is that!!! 

Mr. E did so incredibly well!!  He really worked on his posing and stage confidence for this show and it made a HUGE difference!! I have to say the Master’s category was the most competitive and fun to watch!  All of the guys came in great shape so the judges kept them on stage for quite a while moving them around and comparing them!  I was so very proud of Mr. E!!  I went hoarse from yelling and cheering!  He placed third, although he definitely should’ve placed higher - the guy who won the same show last year took second but he didn’t look nearly as good (and I’m saying that objectively).  Anyhoo, overall it was a great weekend!  If any of you are in the northeast, I definitely recommend this show!!


18 month transformation

That is 100% dedication right there!!!!  Love my boo-thang!!!!


18 month transformation

That is 100% dedication right there!!!! Love my boo-thang!!!!

Thank you guys all so much!! I’ve said it a hundred times but I love my tumblr peeps very much :))) Especially that puttin-n-work guy ;) he’s the bestest!!!!

I have vowed to keep myself close-ish to contest shape and this is after two weeks of not always so clean eating. But I’m happy to say that even on days when I had my cheats, I did not go nuts, I didn’t rebound, no edema. Ready to get to work and get to Team U in July!!! 11 weeks out.


As promised, 18 month progress pics. Starting in Dec 2012 then Nov 2013, and today 19 April 2014.

Love this man so much!! Not just because he is a sexy ass beast, but let’s face it…he’s a sexy ass beast ;)


You’ve just got to love some CT

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Being a true bad ass has no weight or gender requirement - just 100% commitment to greatness

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

as always, what the Rock’s cooking smells great. (via babywipesenthusiast)

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